Sensualist EP

No Club Sunday event in collaboration with Zweikommasieben at the Kaffe Kind two years ago: this is when we met the young producer from Biel Yurachaim (aka 2UNDER8). After sharing the decks in clubs and rave together, we are happy and proud to finally present you his new 4 track EP. Sensualist, Lstrass and his little sister Lstrass club version, have been composed with a full sound and sensory freedom. At the crossroads of future club and dub techno, powerful and bursting drums, crispy synths and vocals, the EP has a very sensitive and special esthetic in which you can feel 2UNDER8’s touch!

It is an immense pleasure as well to welcome Toma Kami to do a remix of Lstrass. LStrass pata mix, minimalist and essential tool you should highlight in your playlists to never miss the chance to play it. Nina Winiger, who had already done the painting for Ivory A Ivy’s previous EP (STR009), offers us this powerful watercolor with post-apocalyptic and science-fiction influences.


Fels & Anna Sound (excepted for track nr. 4)

Samuel Savenberg

Nina Winiger

Thibault Villard

2Under8 thanks
Anna Sound & Fels (Thibault & Alexis), strecke, good parties and good releases, big shout out to Toma Kami for the remix and to all those who support the swiss scene!

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