Noria Lilt

The insiders of the in-between EP

Swiss DJ and producer Noria Lilt completes the label’s catalogue for our 14th issue. Heavily influenced by dance music and rave culture, Noria Lilt’s production process nevertheless tends towards acousmatic, experimental music and sound design. This EP presents the different corners of her artistic universe, in a 12’’ format as suitable for DJs as for home listening.
We are also pleased to welcome the duo Atrice and the producer MSJY for two dubstep and stepper-influenced remixes!

July 14, 2021

Noria Lilt

VDFM (Feldermelder)

Joana Huguenin & Julie Folly

Timo Tiffert

Noria Lilt

Noria Lilt thanks
Enormous thanks and big up to strecke records, MSJY, Atrice, Benoît Piccand, Manuel Oberholzer, Joana Huguenin, Julie Folly and Timo Tiffert, for helping, building and contributing in such beautiful ways to this release. To my family, my lover, my friends, my roommate and my beloved strecke family for your support, for your patience, for believing in me, for this beautiful life ride, an endless thank you and a lot of love. 

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